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Perfildoor was established in 2004, dedicating itself to the purchase and sale of aluminum profiles

In the same year, it acquired a coating machine, starting to transform its products.

This transformation led to the creation of a production center and consequently to the acquisition of spaces for storage and provisioning. As a result, by 2005, Perfildoor was already operating in a space of about 10,000 square meters.

In 2005, a coating machine was also acquired, which made the company less dependent on its suppliers.

Three years later, Perfildoor invested in diversifying its business by entering the field of plywood and MDF trims.

Currently, the company offers a wide range of products, including various types of profiles, doors, panels, hardware, and aluminum.


The general objectives of the company are to maintain its position among the top three operators in the sector, to keep professional motivation and employee involvement in the company's values, and to ensure the sustainable development of the company and its surroundings.


To add value for its customers by creating creative solutions, innovation, and design in its products to satisfy the market while considering the surrounding environment.


To manufacture and market components for carpentry focused on productive goals as well as the safety of people within the organization.


The company's values include respect for its employees through policies that promote their motivation, such as training and opportunities for professional growth within the organization. Sustainability is also a core value, fostered through the use of more durable materials like PVC, the use of renewable energy, and recycling.

Quality Policy

Perfildoor Components for Carpentry, LDA‘s commitment to meeting the requirements of the Quality Management System aims to assure customers of the company’s performance and the quality level of products and services, within the certification scope of “Manufacturing and marketing of Profiles, Frames, and Trims and Provision of Coating Services. Marketing of Components and Consumables for Carpentry application.”

"Every company is a gathering of activities that are executed to design, produce, market, deliver, and sustain its product. All activities can be represented."

Porter (1992)

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