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This is the Privacy Policy of Perfildoor – Componentes para Carpintaria, Lda, tax identification number 506861449, located at Avenida Principal, Edifício Perfildoor, Zona Industrial dos Pousos, Vidigal, 2410-317, Leiria, hereinafter referred to as “we.”

Perfildoor – Componentes para Carpintaria, Lda, is responsible for the management and processing of personal data of our users.

We consider the privacy of users to be of utmost importance, and therefore, we are committed to complete transparency regarding how we handle the data of our customers, users, suppliers, partners, and employees. Consequently, we take the utmost care in handling and protecting their personal data.

The processing of these personal data complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 and Law No. 58/2019 of 8 August.

This Privacy Policy describes how we apply these core values and how we respect and protect your right to privacy, namely the collection, use, storage, processing, and sharing carried out by us.

We highly recommend a careful reading of this Policy, as it establishes the basis on which we use your personal data in all our interactions, recognizing that the user agrees to the terms described below:

Use of the Website and Data Registration

These terms apply to users who wish to use our services provided through this medium or through any of our online communication channels, having been accepted by them.

To obtain quotes for our products, the user must fill in the appropriate form available for this purpose, obligatorily indicating the following personal data, which they accept to be obtained and processed: name, email, and telephone contact, as well as some details regarding the desired product.

Other data that are essential to the product the user acquires due to its specific nature may be requested and/or provided.

Contact Form

A contact form is available where the user must obligatorily provide the following personal data, which they accept to be obtained and processed: name, email, and telephone contact.

We also record the subject that motivates the contact through the designated form area, as well as the disclosure of any data and information that the user deems essential.

These data will be used to respond to the contact/suggestions/recommendations and others directed to us by the holder.

The data recorded in our forms will be automatically processed and stored by the software that supports the website.

We reserve the right to use subcontractors for the processing of data provided for the specific purpose now indicated.

Social Media and External Links

When participating in various social media forums, you should be familiar with and understand the tools provided by these sites, which allow you to decide how you share personal data from your social media profile(s).

We are bound by the privacy practices or policies of these third parties, so we recommend that you read the applicable privacy notices and terms of use, and related information, on how your personal data is used in these social media environments.

Our website and social platforms may contain links to other websites and email addresses of companies not belonging to the group. This policy does not apply to those websites and platforms, and the user should carefully read the corresponding privacy policies.

Data Management and Retention

The personal data collected here will be received, processed, and retained, taking all technical, organizational, and legal measures for their security, during the necessary legal period and/or as long as the purpose for which they were collected remains valid.

Rights of Data Subjects

Without prejudice to the conditions established in applicable law, the user has the following rights regarding our processing of their Personal Data: (i) to request access to their data at any time (Article 15 GDPR); (ii) to request the rectification of incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information (Article 16 GDPR); (iii) the right to withdraw consent for commercial communications at any time, whenever legally based and following the communication instructions through our channels or by completing the corresponding contact form; if the use of your Personal Data is based on your consent, for reasons other than commercial communication, you can revoke your consent by sending the respective request; (iv) to request the deletion of your data in legally provided situations (Article 17 GDPR); (v) to request the restriction of the processing of your data in legally provided situations (Article 18 GDPR); (vi) to request the portability of your data in legally provided situations (Article 18 GDPR).

For more information about your rights or to exercise any of your rights, you should send a communication to the following email address:

You should (1) Describe the problem you are experiencing and what you want; (2) Select which right you want to exercise; (3) Enter your first and last name and the email you use and have used in all services related to us in the comment box.

Requests to exercise rights are carefully handled by us, and such requests may be refused for non-compliance with legal requirements without compromising the right to a response within a maximum period of one month.

The holder also has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, particularly in the Member State of their residence, if they consider that the collection and use of their personal data infringe this Privacy Policy or applicable law.

Personal Data Breach

All necessary technical and organizational measures are taken to adequately and robustly protect the data of our customers and users against unauthorized processing and access.

We ensure the security of users’ personal data through the following means: (1) use of encryption with a certificate on all website communications; (2) limitation of access to personal data for strictly necessary purposes by identified subjects subject to confidentiality obligations.

If you have any doubts or additional questions about this Privacy Policy or about our processing of your Personal Data in general, contact us through the following email address:

This Privacy Policy may be reviewed occasionally, and we reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, as well as the Terms and Conditions at any time, so we advise regular visits to this address.

If a fundamental change in the nature of the use of your personal data is introduced or the change is in some way relevant to you, we will ensure that this information is provided to you before it takes effect.

The user is considered to be aware, agrees, and consents to these policies by browsing our website:

Cookie Policy

Cookies: What are they?

Cookies are short text files with relevant information that our browser processes when a website is visited by a particular user.

Cookies can be categorized according to the purpose they serve. There are cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website, while others collect statistical information to analyze the use of the website and its performance or are used to ensure the provision of additional features to the website or to save the visitor’s navigation preferences on it whenever they use the same device. Other cookies may still serve to measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising. They are essential for the functioning of the Internet, do not damage the user’s equipment or device, and, if enabled in your browser settings, help identify and resolve potential errors in the website’s operation.

Purposes of Use

We use cookies to remember login data of the data subject, facilitating their user experience, for memory and association of language preferences, to measure site usage to optimize its functioning, to optimize our communication with each user, to optimize the development and construction of the website enhancing the entire experience, for marketing and advertising campaigns as well as to measure their respective results and delivery and to provide content tailored to each individual’s interests. Under no circumstances, at the cookie level, will personal information be disclosed for promotional and analytical purposes.

Should I accept the use of cookies?

The use of cookies is very important for the proper functioning of the website in its entirety, so its acceptance is recommended, greatly facilitating and enhancing a more individualized experience. We also note that some features and areas of the website may not function without proper authorization for the use of cookies.

Can I modify my cookie management preferences?

Yes, as a holder, through a simple configuration in the browser, it is possible at any time to prevent the use of cookies.

Cookies already configured can also be deleted/removed at any time through the browser itself or other software programs. This functionality is possible in all the most popular and widely used browsers on the market.

Social Media Cookies

We have a presence on the major social networks in the market and as such, we want to make it clear that we do not set cookies when displaying links to social media channels as these platforms have their own privacy and cookie policies over which we have no control.

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, as well as our Terms and Conditions at any time, so we advise regular visits to this address.

The user is considered to be aware, agrees, and consents to these policies by browsing our

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