We value respect

We value motivation

We value inovation

Perfildoor was formed in 2004 dedicated to the purchase and sale of aluminum profiles

In that same year acquired a coating machine starting to manufacture their products.
This strand transformation has led to the acquisition of a production center, and thus the proper spaces for storage of supplies and finished product, so in 2005 has operated within approximately 10.000m2.

Also during 2005 acquired a new coating machine passing thus be less dependent on their suppliers.

In 2008 bet on diversifying the business into the area trims plywood and MDF.


Manufacturing, marketing and installing components for carpentry directed toward productive goals, as well as the safety of people in the organization.


The general objectives of the company are its maintenance within the three largest operators in the industry, taking into account professional motivation and the involvement of people in the values of the company for its development and taking into account the entire transactional environment.


Add value for its clients through creative solutions innovation, design and measures of their products with the aim of satisfying this market, taking into account the surroundings.


The values of the company are located at the level of respect for persons, through policies for employee motivation and targeted to stakeholders with respect for the environment. The motivation of workers must be addressed through policies for their personal development, such as training and professional growth opportunities within the organization.

Every company is a gathering of activities that are performed to design, produce, market, deliver and support its product. All activities can be represented.
Porter 1992a